Poland and the Global Information Society

Poland and the Global Information Society
e-wielkopolska logoHeading towards the global information society and adapting itself to the requirements of the European Union, Poland is currently witnessing two transitions. Imperfect as it is, the information campaign about the latter makes the society aware of the changes in process. Simultaneously, the former is often regarded as something remote and not treated as a crucial problem of the country. The truth, however, is as follows: integration into the European Union actually consists of making up for lost time that accumulated over the last 50 years, whereas, the shift towards the global information society is the challenge facing even the most advanced nations. Joining this challenge is tantamount to the struggle of defining the role that Poland and Poles will play in the world to come. The global information society will be different from the society as we know it, just like this society is nothing like the agrarian society symbolized by feudal serfs, although the time span between the two is only a little more than a century, compared to the time scale of human civilization, this is not long. On the basis of the knowledge available today, this report sets out to show developmental tendencies of Poland’s transition to the information society. See project website

Raport e-Wielkopolska

Global Information Society in the Wielkopolska Region

e-wielkopolska logoIn 2004 the Board of the Wielkopolska Region established a Program Committee in order to work out a strategy for building and developing Global Information Society in the Wielkopolska Region. The Program Committee, composed of experts, scientists, representatives of local administration etc., presented a document entitled “A Strategy e-Wielkopolska”. The document completes and develops Strategy for Wielkopolska Region Development, passed in 2000 by the Seym of the Wielkopolska Region. Four strategic goals were presented:
  • to create conditions for life quality improvement
  • to improve competitiveness of regional economy in relation to other European regions
  • to reinforce internal integration and to improve environment quality
  • to adapt potential, structure and organization of the Region to challenges of XXI century and United Europe
The goals must to be supported by an integrating horizontal goal "Building Global Information Society". Raport (in Polish) (.pdf 285Kb) Włodzimierz Marciński speech - in Polish (.pdf 85kB) prof. W. Cellary speech - in Polish (.pdf 850kB)