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The Department of Information Technology (DIT) is part of the Faculty of Informatics and e-Economy of the Poznan University of Economics and Business. The Department is composed of 13 members: 1 full professor, 3 associate professors, 3 assistant professors, 5 research assistants and 1 administrative person. The Department also takes care of 2 Ph.D. students. The research members have technical qualifications in computer science and engineering. The head of DIT is Professor Wojciech Cellary. More about DIT »

News Chronicle

June 28, 2019

The Information Technology Department hosted prof. Alan R. Hevner, Distinguished University Professor and Eminent Scholar, Information Systems and Decision Sciences, Muma College of Business, University of South Florida. Professor Hevner gave an open lecture for WIGE employees and students entitled "Innovative Design in Scientific Research".

June 27, 2019

Prof. Wojciech Cellary conducted a three-hour workshop for academics and PhD. students of the PUEB entitled "Ethereum". The workshop was held as part of the Regionalna Inicjatywa Doskonalości program "Economy in the face of the New Economy", implemented at UEP under the supervision of prof. Kamilla Marchewka-Bartkowiak.

June 25, 2019

Prof. Wojciech Cellary conducted a three-hour workshop for  academics and PhD students of the PUEB on block chain technology, cryptocurrencies, intelligent contracts, tokens, decentralized applications and decentralized autonomous organizations. The workshop was held as part of the Regional Initiative of Excellence "Economy in the face of the New Economy", implemented at UEP under the supervision of pro. Kamilla Marchewka-Bartkowiak.

June 18, 2019

Prof. Wojciech Cellary delivered the invited lecture entitled "Analysis of the gigadata. Challenges in science and ethics" for members of the Committee of Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.

June 4 - 7, 2019

Prof. Wojciech Cellary attended The 6th NAPLES FORUM ON SERVICE, which took place in Ischia (Italy), June 4- 7, 2019. Prof. Cellary presented a paper “Advanced Technologies Impact on Service Innovation: A Human-Side of Service Engineering Perspective” (authors: Cellary, W., J. Spohrer, L.E. Freund, S.K. Kwan, and Ch. Leitner).

May 28, 2019

Daniel Wilusz has defended a doctoral dissertation entitled "System architecture and protocols of anonymous micropayments for services of the Future Internet" at the Faculty of Computer Science and Management at the Wrocław University of Technology. The dissertation was supervised by prof. Jarogniew Rykowski. The auxiliary supervisor function was performed by Adam Wójtowicz, PhD.

May 20 - 24, 2019

Jakub Flotyński, PhD, participated in a week-long training “Effective Lecturing Skills in English”, as a part of the project "Improving the teaching competences of academic teachers at the Poznań University of Economics and Business". The training took place in London at the Regent's University of London.

May 23, 2019

The Rector of the Poznań University of Economics and Business awarded annual awards to academic teachers for achievements in 2018:
Prof. Wojciech Cellary received an Individual Award of the Rector for outstanding organizational achievements, especially for strengthening the image of the PUEB by popular-science and journalistic activity in the press, radio, television and social media.
Jakub Flotyński, PhD, and prof. Krzysztof Walczak received a Team Achievement Award of the Rector for outstanding achievements in research and publications in recognized international journals.

May 19 - 24, 2019

Dr hab. Eng. Krzysztof Walczak was invited to visit the InterVault GK Japan company based in Tokyo. Prof. Krzysztof Walczak participated in consultations aimed at defining the possibilities and directions of further scientific cooperation in the field of developing secure internet communication systems and building a new generation of cryptocurrency trading platforms.

May 19 - 22, 2019

Dominik Strugała, MSc, participated in the international conference MANUFACTURING 2019, which took place at the Poznan University of Technology. Dominik Strugała presented at the conference a lecture entitled “Virtual and Augmented Reality for Configuring, Promoting and Servicing Household Appliances” (authors: Walczak, K., J. Flotyński, D. Strugała, D. Rumiński, M. Maik, A. Englert, and T. Jenek).