Completed projects

Semantic 3D

Semantics for Interactive 3D Content 

Semantic 3D is a long-term research project performed at the Department of Information Technology and the VR Lab at the Poznań University of Economics and Business. The project aims at the development of new scientific solutions in the domain of distributed systems based on 3D interactive VR/AR content and services. 

To stimulate creation of VR/AR applications, it is necessary to develop techniques that enable social co-creation of content and services by a large groups of „prosumers” (users-producers), and to facilitate access to VR/AR content and services anytime and anywhere – as it is now the case of standard web pages. However, creation, searching and composition of distributed three-dimensional interactive VR/AR content and services is much more complex than classic two-dimensional web pages. This is due to the fact that relationships between components of an interactive three-dimensional virtual scene may include, in addition to its meaning and form of presentation, also spatial, temporal, structural, logical, and behavioral aspects. 

Ed2.0Work Network

European network for the integration of Web2.0 in education and work

EdWeb2Work is a European Union funded education project that has two missions:

  • To create a network that spans education and the world of work and is designed to improve the use of Web2.0 tools in both fields.
  • To create a set of tools for the empirical evaluation of Web2.0 tools.

The project will create a network between stakeholders in the education and work sectors that will examine how both should be using Web2.0 in the education and work environments.

MIMS - Metadata Schema of Interactions for Multimedia Objects

Supervisor research project granted by Polish Ministry of Science "Metadata Schema of Interactions for Multimedia Objects".


Supervisor research project granted by Polish Ministry of Science "Modeling Interactive Educational Scenarios in a Mixed Reality Environment".


Supervisor research project granted by Polish Ministry of Science "Selective Semantic Modeling Method SSM for Building Secure Multiaccess Virtual Environments".


IT-SOA: Nowe technologie informacyjne dla elektronicznej gospodarki i społeczeństwa infromacyjnego oparte na paradygmacie SOA"ITSOA - New information technologies for electronic economy and information society based on service-oriented architecture"

The goal of the project is to exploit modern information technologies from the area of distributed systems. Such techologies, based on the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) paradigm, support computerized business process management as well as development of service platforms and IT infrastructure for e-Science. The central point of this approach is to automatize access to both individual services and complex business processes based on these services. Key challenges in this scope include: development of proper service description languages; enabling providers to publish their services and clients to search for the services they require; creation of semantics-based protocols for service composition in the framework of complex and potentially long-running business processes.


Augmented Representation of Cultural ObjectsARCO is a unique solution for virtual management creation and management. ARCO System - a result of an international cooperation of scientists and museum staff - covers entire chain of virtual museum creation. From cultural objects digitalization, through their refinement, storage, and collection management, up to presentation in various interfaces: Web pages, 3D scenes, virtual reality environments or within augmented reality interfaces.


Dynamic GroupwareDynG is a research project aiming at designing and implementing a collaborative platform for electronic negotiations. It integrates support for group dynamics, social and communicative aspects. It allows negotiators to work in a structured manner - via negotiation protocols - in many groups within a single negotiation process. DynG is part of the Ada::Pro initiative.

Project SOWA

Sowa logoThe goal of this project is to design and implement a modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) supporting advanced information exchange. A strong focus is set on document exchange among ERPs installation, security, and knowledge management.

Among the most innovative aspects of the proposed solution, one may distinguish the strong integration of a knowledge base with the ERP information exchange system, as well as a brand-new ontology driven search method. This project, co-realized with ComArch, is financed by European Structural Funds.

Weather Window

Sowa logoWeather Window is a project concerning development of new methods for intuitive, user-friendly visualization of scientific weather forecast data. The project is performed in co-operation with ICM.