Augmented Representation of Cultural ObjectsARCO is a unique solution for virtual management creation and management. ARCO System - a result of an international cooperation of scientists and museum staff - covers entire chain of virtual museum creation. From cultural objects digitalization, through their refinement, storage, and collection management, up to presentation in various interfaces: Web pages, 3D scenes, virtual reality environments or within augmented reality interfaces.

The ARCO project – Augmented Representation of Cultural Objects – started as an EC-funded FP5 IST project (IST-2000-28336). After completion of the EC project the research and development efforts have been continued by PUE in collaboration with other university partners and museums.

ARCO has developed technology and systems that help museums create and present virtual exhibitions of cultural objects accessible both within museums and on the Internet. The project creates 3D representations of cultural objects with photogrammetry, stores them in a database, and presents them to users interactively in VR and AR interfaces generated dynamically based on the Flex-VR content production method and the ARISM approach. ARCO provides museum curators with a content management application that lets them build virtual exhibitions by simply assigning objects and instances of visualization models to virtual galleries. The museum curator can preset the parameter values of a model through the content management application or end-users can provide them in an HTML form. Depending on the preset parameters, the model will generate a fixed virtual gallery, a user-customizable virtual gallery, or a search VR interface.

The system has been deployed and is commercially exploited in several museums. More information about the ARCO project can be found at:

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