Supervisor research project granted by Polish Ministry of Science "Modeling Interactive Educational Scenarios in a Mixed Reality Environment".

The MRISM (Modeling Interactive Educational Scenarios in a Mixed Reality Environment) approach enables creation of interactive educational scenarios in a mixed reality environment. The process of building mixed reality learning environments is divided into three stages: content design, content creation, and content setup, each of them performed by users with different technical and domain knowledge. In the MRISM approach, the concepts of MR-Class and MR-Object are proposed extending the object oriented paradigm to observe requirements of mixed reality. The concept of class is extended with new elements such as: geometry, interactive behavior, media objects, aggregation relationships. Properties and relationships of an MR-Class are used for parameterization of MR-Class geometry and behavior. Visual and behavioral features of MR-Objects are established during their creation by teachers by setting property values. The values can be changed at runtime, while the MR-Objects are presented in a mixed reality environment. Behavior of MR-Objects is described by methods and activities. An activity models distinctive interactive behavior of an MR-Object. A new high level XML based language MRSML is proposed for specifying MR-Classes and MR-Objects, including their component elements.