Network of Excellence on Virtual Reality and Virtual Environments Applications for Future Workspaces

INTUITION was a pan-European Network of Excellence focused on virtual reality and virtual environments applications for future workspaces. It was funded by the European Union, and operated under the 6th Framework Program of the European Commission (IST). The Network included over sixty partners including the most prestigious research groups on VR all over Europe.

The goal of INTUITION was to bring together leading European experts and key actors from all major areas of VE, including industrial representatives, SMEs, key research institutes and universities, as well as major international organizations and associations in order to overcome fragmentation and promote VE establishment within product and process design.

PUE was leading the INTUITION research working group on applications of VR in entertainment and culture, and it was participated in several other research working groups.

More information about the Intuition project can be found at: Some of the partners of the INTUITION NoE (including PUE) became the founding members of the newly established EuroVR Association (