Completed projects

ERP for SME supporting Business Intelligence (B2)

The goal of this project is to design and implement an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), which supports Businness Intelligence. A strong focus is set on ergonomics, multi-cultural aspects, and easiness of tailoring and maintainance of the developped ERP. Among the most innovative aspects of the proposed solution, one may distinguish the strong integration of decision support tools with the ERP, as well as a brand-new support for the management of groups and teams in a project-oriented approach.
This project, co-realized with ComArch, is financed by European Structural Funds.


The goal of this project was to develop a new organizational and functional model of a public administration. The model utilizes information and communication technology to introduce a concept of a public administration being oriented towards a process approach to citizen services.

Parameterised Content Production for Virtual Studio

The goal of this project is to design and implement software for parameterised production of synthetic 3D contents used in the production pipeline of the virtual television studio environment developed by the Warsaw University of Technology.

Three-dimensional visualization of search results

Three-dimensional visualization of search results Periscope is a 2D/3D Web search visualization system. Periscope visualizes the entire search result, instead of just listing a few pages claimed to be most relevant. Depending on the model selected and the parameters provided, the system can classify and visualize different properties of the search result. The users can interact with the generated virtual scene to better understand the nature of the search result and possibly refine the query.

Interactive Television

 Interactive Television

The iTVP project aimed at building infrastructure that enables production of live TV contents in virtual studio environment and provision of interactive television services accessible over the Internet. Within this project PUE has been involved in design and implementation of multimedia data repository and dynamic content creation tools. The dynamic content creation methodology is used both to create contents for the virtual studio production and to enable generation of customized 2D and 3D synthetic content for the on line Internet users.

Personalized, Immersive Sports TV Experience

Personalized, Immersive Sports TV Experience

PISTE (IST-1999-11172) – Personalized, Immersive Sports TV Experience – was a three-year international European project to develop an interactive television system addressing the needs of broadcasters and home viewers that will transform TV watching into an immersive interactive experience during the coverage of sports events. PISTE uses mixed 2D and 3D MP

Web-based marketing system (Symar)

Project financed by Philips Lighting Poland aiming at the development of a web-based marketing system supporting business-to-business and business-to-customer transactions.

Common Open Service Market fOr SMEs (COSMOS)

ESPRIT project with seven European Union partners, aiming at the development of an integrated support platform for Internet business transactions in their three phases: information, negotiation and execution.

Internet e-Procurement System (E-max)

The e-MAX system is meant for Philips Lighting authorized business partners to let them doing business with Philips in a new manner. The e-MAX system permits not only to place orders, but first and foremost monitor and negotiate order fulfillment conditions.

Intranet reporting tools (Else)

Project financed by the EP S.A. - a regional electric power distribution company, aiming at the development of an intranet solution for business task management.