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Krzysztof WalczakProfessor Krzysztof Walczak, Ph.D.
Head of the Department

email: walczak[at]
phone: +48 61 639 2712

room: 1.7 CEUE


KRZYSZTOF WALCZAK is a full professor in computer science and the head of the Department of Information Technology and the VR Research Laboratory at the Poznań University of Economics and Business in Poland. His research interests cover virtual reality and mixed reality systems, multimedia communication, interactive television, and the semantic web. He was coordinating numerous research and industrial projects in these domains. He often serves as an expert for the European Commission, National Science Centre, National Centre of Applied Research, and the Polish Ministry of Education and Science. He has authored or co-authored two books and over 150 research articles published in books, journals, and proceedings of international scientific conferences. He also holds several EU and US patents. He is an elected member of the Executive Committee of the EuroXR Association.

Research interests

      • Virtual Reality
      • Multimedia Systems
      • Interactive television
      • Internet and Intranet Systems
      • Databases