DECEMBER 18-20, 2020

Adam Gałązkiewicz, M.A. participated on-line in the „2020 The 4th International Conference on Software and e-Business”. Adam Gałązkiewicz, M.A. presented a scientific paper: A. Gałązkiewicz, A. Wójtowicz „Multiparty Computation in Practice: Increasing Security of Documents in Enterprise Content Management Systems".

NOVEMBER 20, 2020

Dr. Daniel Wilusz, Prof. Jarogniew Rykowski and Prof. Wojciech Cellary took part in a webinar entitled "Streaming Picopayments in Smart Cities" organized by the Warsaw Institute of Banking under the aegis of the Polish Bank Association (ZBP).

NOVEMBER 18, 2020

Invited by the ZAiKS Authors' Association, Prof. Wojciech Cellary took part remotely in the Special Session entitled "Do we have all instruments of commons? at the Open Eyes Economy Summit 2020 conference. Prof. W. Cellary gave an introductive speech entitled "Commons and economics" and took part in the discussion. 
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NOVEMBER 18, 2020

Prof. Wojciech Cellary gave an interview to the portal about streaming picopayments.
Interview is available here:

NOVEMBER 16, 2020

Prof. Wojciech Cellary gave remotely invited lecture entitled "Economy 4.0" for nearly 100 researchers of the Faculty of Engineering Management of the Poznan University of Technology.
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NOVEMBER 10, 2020

Prof. Wojciech Cellary was invited to the program committee of the ICEDEG 2021 – The Eighth International Conference on eDemocracy & eGovernment, Quito, Ecuador, 28-30 July, 2021.

OCTOBER 30, 2020

Prof. Wojciech Cellary took part in the remote meeting of the Education Informatization Council.

OCTOBER 30, 2020

Prof. Wojciech Cellary was invited to the program committee of the 12th Advanced Doctoral Conference on Computing, Electrical and Industrial Systems July 7-9 2021, Caparica, Portugal – ONLINE. The leading subject is: Technological Innovation for Applied Artificial Intelligence Systems.

OCTOBER 28-29, 2020

Dr. Daniel Wilusz, participated on-line in the 12th International Scientific Conference of the College of Management and Quality Sciences of the Cracow University of Economics. Dr. Daniel Wilusz presented a scientific paper: "Critical Analysis of Blockchain as Basis for Implementing Business Information Systems".

OCTOBER 28, 2020

Prof. Wojciech Cellary moderated the panel discussion entitled „Distant teaching and learning – from elementary school through HEI to retirement” at the 29th Annual Conference of the European Access Network „Challenges and opportunities by the pandemic”.
The panelists were: 
Kaat Delrue, Head of Department Education Policy AT Arteveldehogeschool, Belgium