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The Department of Information Technology (DIT) is part of the Faculty of Informatics and e-Economy of the Poznan University of Economics and Business. The Department is composed of 12 members: 1 full professor, 3 associate professors, 1 assistant professors, 1 senior lecturer, 5 research assistants and 1 administrative person. The Department also takes care of 2 Ph.D. students. The research members have technical qualifications in computer science and engineering. The head of DIT is Professor Krzysztof Walczak. More about DIT »

News Chronicle

May 19th, 2008

Prof. Wojciech Cellary participated in the 3rd Congress on Electronic Economy organized in Warsaw by the Polish Bank Association. Prof. Cellary, together with Mr. Krzysztof Pietraszkiewicz, President of the Association, presented an inaugural lecture "Innovation as a Base of Economy Development". More about the congress can by found at the Polish Bank Association pages.

May 15th, 2008

Prof. Wojciech Cellary received an InfoStat 2008 Statuette - an award of The Polish Information Processing Society presented at the World Information Society Day for outstanding achievements for information society development in Poland. The InfoStat Statuettes 2008 were presented during traditional Information Society Award Gala which took place in Warsaw on May 15th. The UNESCO, UNITED NATIONS and International Telecommunication Union/ ITU offered their Honourable Auspices for the celebrations of the World Information Society Day 2008 in Poland. The Information Society Award Gala was broadcast live on the Internet.

May 12th, 2008

Prof. Wojciech Cellary and Dr Krzysztof Walczak participated in a conference on e-Business, organized by National Foresight Program "Polska 2020" together with Poznan University of Economics. Prof. Cellary chaired a panel discussion on Foresight 2020 Vision nad reality of business and administration. Dr Walczak gave a lecture entitled "Virtual Reality Applications in Museums".

May 13th, 2008

Prof. Wojciech Cellary participated in an international conference "i2010 - Information Society at the Crossroads", held in Brdo (Slovenia) from May 13 to May 14, 2008, organized by The Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU together with the European Commission. The conference was dedicated to the EU's i2010 Information society strategy.

May 9th, 2008

Dr Jarogniew Rykowski participated in a National Conference "Internet as a Platform for Commerce Globalization", organized in Poznan by PUE Student Research Group e-Commerce. Dr Jarogniew Rykowski gave an invited lecture on Agent Technology.

May 8th, 2008

Prof. Wojciech Cellary participated in I European Funds Forum - Results, Possibilities, Perspectives. During the forum a conference organized by LEWIATAN (Polish Confederation of Private Employers) Innovative Development - European Funds for Entreprises  took place.  Prof. Cellary participated in a panel discussion on challenges for Polish economy, science and  entreprises. He had a talk on innovation in Polish economy.

May 7th, 2008

Prof. Wojciech Cellary gave an inaugural lecture entitled "Communities in the Internet" at The Interdisciplinary Conference "Myself and Community" organized in Poznan by The Faculty of Theology of  Adam Mickiewicz University.

April 29th, 2008

Prof. Wojciech Cellary participated, as a supervisor of Mr. Rafał Wojciechowski PhD Thesis, in a session of the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics ETI of the Gdansk University of Technology.

April 15th, 2008

Prof. Wojciech Cellary was invited to be a member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Actor-Network Theory and Technological Innovation (IJANTTI), an official publication of the Information Resources Management Association.

April 9th, 2008

Dr. Wojciech Wiza has completed his 14-days research visit at the University of Sussex (Falmer-Brighton, UK). Dr. Wiza stayed at the University of Sussex between March 26th and April 8th in the framework of the INTUITION Mobility Grant.